Pond cleaning in Mauritania
Pond cleaning in Mauritania

Over the past 25 years the MME Waterjet and Water Cannon have been used extensively in the mining industry for the clearing of underground workareas, inclined and vertical shafts, haulages and orepasses, the cleaning of plant silos and tanks, dams and ponds, dump pockets and surge bins, as well as liners, pipe systems and heavy equipment (mobile assets).

In recent years it has also become a popular means of clearing conveyor spillage, primarily because this work can be carried out in confined areas with minimal or zero downtime.The single most effective tool for increasing Mine Tonnage There is simply no better tool for the clearing and cleaning of debris and build-up across every facet of mining operations. To date over 4000 units have been commissioned, the overwhelming majority of these being in the mining industry. Over the past two and half decades we have developed methods and techniques utilising the jet that have made it the premier tool for mine clearing and cleaning operations.

Flow rate and Pressure

The waterjet provides 12 m3/hour of water at a nozzle pressure of 6 MPa and a reaction force of 43lbs. This ratio of flow rate to pressure has been found to be the most effective approach in the removal of residue build-up in pipes, liners, tanks, shafts and container sidewalls and for the clearing of blast material, dump pockets, surge bins and conveyor spillage. The clearing of run-of-mine rock is effective up to a distance of 12 meters from the nozzle (based on fragmentation < 300mm). Cleaning of piping systems with the use of the ROTOBORER® Pipe Descaling Rotors and plumb-rod lead-coupler can effortlessly be accomplished for lengths exceeding 60 meters. Further, the higher flow rate and comparatively lower operating pressure of the MME waterjet significantly reduces the risk of damage to piping systems, shafts, conveyors and other structures.

Manufacturing facilities and field operations

The MME Waterjet is manufactured in-house at our factory located in Carletonville, 100km outside of Johannesburg, South Africa. MME currently employs a workforce of approximately 850 in the field, of which 40% are involved in cleaning contracts and the remainder in onsite maintenance contracts.