The MR32 32mm Rotoborer
The MR32 32mm Rotoborer

ROTOBORER® Pipe Descalers connect directly into the MME Waterjet, providing the rotor turbines with the power necessary to remove even the most resistant scale. With it's unique plump-rod lead coupler the rotor can be drawn through pipe lengths in excess of 60m for pipe diameters ranging between 32mm and 300mm.

Interchangeable spindles give the flexibility to accomodate most angle grinder attachments. MMEi's step-cutters and cutting disks with their unique inverted flutes are specifically designed for heavy build-up of high-resistant scale.The most powerful pipe descaling rotors on market The simple pressure activated stabilizer mechanism mechanically retracts on backout leaving little chance of the rotor ever wedging inside of piping.

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