MVac 1700 & 3000
MVac 1700 & 3000

The M-Vac Liquid Ring Vacuum System is the optimal alternative for bulk ore and waste removal when conventional extraction methods are impractical. The multi-stage seperation system includes patented automatic discharge mechanisms on both the primary collector bin and fines cyclone bowl. Consequently, operations are able to continue unimpeded.

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The M-Vac comes in both mobile and portable versions and the smaller models can be rail mounted for the clearing of haulages and cross-cuts. The M-Vac 3000 is also available in a trailer mounted Diesel model.The quintessential bulk high-grade ore removal solution Capacities range between 3.5 tons/hour to 7 tons/hour and volumes up to 5.4 m3/hour, and with particle sizes of up to 75mm.


MVacPrimaryCollectorBin 180 320

Primary Collector Bin

The mechanical automatic discharge system discharges wet and dry materials whenever the bin is full.

The bin will remain open for a maximum of 5 seconds ensuring continuous operation.


MVacPrimaryCollectorBin 180 320

Fines Cyclone Bowl

The unique design of the bowl provides cyclonic collection of fine particles and water carry-over from the collector bin.

The patented mechanical bypass system allows for uninterrupted operation during discharge.